45 Mono

Tube power amplifier

The 45 tube amplifiers are a single ended Class A design with zero feedback. They are uses handmade amorphous, double C-core output transformers, capacitor coupled. I’m a fan of single-ended tube designs that offer beautiful sound, but do not generate a great deal of power. That’s why he designed ultra-high efficiency speakers that can play with lower powered amplifiers. We utilized a short signal path with a minimum amount of components in the circuit, resulting in more sound, details and nuance. The amorphous transformers are handmade and custom built for Destination Audio in tight compliance with our exacting specifications, which are designed to work perfectly with the 45 tube.

45 Mono

Technical Specification

Power 1.8W Class A
THD <3%
Input impedance 900K Ohm
Frequency response 14-60,000Hz
Driver tube ECC40
Power tube 45
Rectifier tube 5U4G


Width 390 mm / 15.4 in
Height 200 mm / 7.9 in
Depth 300 mm / 11.8 in