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                               HORN SPEAKERS

Destination 3-way
Horn Speakers

The building and tuning of our speakers is like crafting a Steinway piano, taking from five to six months. It is a very laborious process, requiring highly crafted skills and knowledge of acoustics and the sound properties of all the individual materials.

As with all Destination Audio products, Wlodzimierz (“Sam”) Wisniewski spent thousands of hours in research and development, measuring, listening, recalibrating and listening again to ensure that the best combinations of components, wiring and other materials come together to create the magic. We use only the highest quality components from companies such as Duelund, WBT, Jupiter and others to provide the highest quality of sound.

Fully loaded and using three-way construction, our loudspeakers are made entirely by hand, the old traditional craftsman way using various species of multi-layered wood.

Because of their high efficiency at 105dB, the speaker can be played with low power amplifiers as low as one watt. In fact, we designed a dedicated mono amplifier specifically for them based on the 45 tube.

Technical Specification:

Three way fully loaded horn speakers

Frequency response -10db

Frequency response -3db

Power capacity (LF)

Power capacity (HF)

Minimum amplification

Maximum continuous acoustical power output (sine wave input) 

Sensitivity (1 Watt / 1 m)

Nominal Impedance

Minimal Impedance

Recommended minimum room size





Weight (one speaker)

Shipping weight (two speakers)

24 – 21.500 Hz

35 – 19.000 Hz

20 W

20 W

1 W

20 W

105 dB

8 Ohm

8 Ohm

20 m2 / 215 ft2


109 cm / 43 in

79 cm / 31 in

184 cm / 72 in

245 kg / 540 lbs

545 kg / 1200 lbs