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Destination Audio

Separate preamplifier based on the 76 tube and ACC40.
In our construction we use custom transformers which are made to our specification.

In both the power supply unit and preamplifier we are using high quality components such as from Duelund, WBT Jupiter, Audyn, Kiwame, Allen Bradley, ect.

In order to obtain a superior sound we are using tubes that were made in the 40's and 50's.

Technical Specification:

Tube Preamplifier


Input Impedance

Output Impedance 

Dimensions of Preamplifier

Dimensions of Power Supply

Weight of Preamplifier

Weight of Power Supply

2x 76, 2x ECC40 5U4G

250 kOhm
600 Ohm

390x160x300 mm

390x200x300 mm

20 kg

11 kg