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                                 POWER AMPLIFIER

Destination Audio
Tube Power Amplifiers

Mono power amplifiers based on the highly appraised 45 tube.
In our construction we use nano amorphous Double C Core output transformers.

All of the transformers and chocks are custom made based on our specification from a small manufacturer in Japan.
Who is able to produce the quality we require.

High quality components such as Duelund, WBT Jupiter, Black Gate, Kiwame, Allen Bradley ect, and RCA tubes from 40's and 50's provide the highest quality of sound.
Because of the well designed schematic and best quality components we were able to bring out the beauty and magic of the 45 tube.

Technical Specification:

Tube Mono Power Amplifiers


Rated Output Power

Input Impedance

Output Impedance 


Weight (Two Monoblocks)

2x 45, 2x ECC40, 2x 5U4G

2x 1,8 W

900 kOhm

8 Ohm

390x200x300 mm

45 kg