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                                 POWER AMPLIFIERS

Destination Audio
Type 50 Tube Power Amplifiers

The 50 tube amplifier is a single ended Class A design with zero feedback, handmade amorphous, inter-stage coupled transformers, single-ended tube designs that also offer beautiful sound.

Sound of 50 tube is similar to the 45 tube, but have almost twice more power.

The amorphous output transformers for 50 tube mono-blocks are also handmade and custom built for Destination Audio in close accordance with our exacting specifications, which are designed to work specifically to work perfectly with the 50 tube.

Technical Specification:

Type 50 Tube Mono Power Amplifiers



Input impedance

Freq resp

Driver tube

Power tube

Rectifier tube

Dimension (WHD)

Weight (net)

3.4W Class A


900K Ohm





17.5" x 8" x 10" (445 x 203 x 254 mm)

55 Lb (25 kg)