Dear Sir and Madam,

We are extremely pleased while writing these words, especially at this moment, so important for us, when we can share with you a part of ourselves, our love for the music and our passion that was born from this love. We would like to invite you to look at the music from our perspective, to enter the world of emotions while keeping the feeling of comfort and of calm, to have the consciousness that you approach the end of laborious audiophile road. The awareness that you reached your goal, that is…. Destination Audio.

Our dream was…. create universal loudspeaker without any compromises related to the sound. We strived to get them able to produce the sound at reference level for any kind of music, so that you don’t have to choose it any more. We wanted them to fill with music both the 20 square meter room and 100 square meter living room and ensure that 2W strength of amplifier be more than enough!

For more than ten years....

...we have gathered the experiences that led us to the effect that you can verify on this website. We created speakers that fulfilled our all demands, to say the truth – that excided our expectations and surprised even us.

Our speakers.... not resemble any modernly produced constructions, it is just the contrary. It is the structure fully based on tubes and on highly efficient drivers. The two 16” AlNiCo woofers are created on demand and are placed in housing horn type. The direction of their work is inversed from the listener and splited Into two waves flowing out through the front of the speaker.

The matched pair
of speaker and tube....

...creating a consistent unity, is responsible for the mid band. The super tweeter, nowadays not produced any more, but used years ago on professional market, complements the structure. As you can see, it is a three-way construction, with a passive crossover, based on the best available components that have been appropriately selected, measured and assembled into entirety.

Each set of speakers…. available only on demand after the briefing from the customer and after the choice of visual preferences.

We invite you to join our adventure and we hope that all you are left with is... listening to the music….
Just like us.  

With respect,

Destination Audio