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                                                TUBES & HORN SPEAKERS

Dear Sir and Madam,

We are extremely pleased to share with you a part of ourselves, our love for music and a reinvigorated passion that was ignited by the fruits of our efforts. We invite you to hear the music from our perspective, to enter a new world of emotion -- at once exhilarating and serene -- combined with a growing awareness that you are approaching the end of a long and laborious audiophile journey. You have reached your goal, that is...Destination Audio.

Our dream was... create the ultimate reference loudspeaker. We sought uncompromising delivery of every genre of music, so that none would be shortchanged. We demanded that they envelop a listening space with our sublime sound, regardless of size, with a mere 2 Watts of pure, unadulterated amplification.

For more than ten years...

...we have compiled 10 years of painstaking experience that led to magnificent achievement: We created speakers and select components that fulfill our exacting demands for excellence, to magnify the truth in all its splendor. To our surprise, we have exceeded our expectations.

Our speakers... not resemble current design trends. On the contrary, they are based on vintage vacuum tubes and highly efficient drivers. For example, the two 16” AlNiCo woofers we employ for the lower frequencies are created on demand and placed in a horn type housing. The direction of their work is inversed from the listener and split Into two waves that flow out through the front of the speaker.

The matched pair
of speaker and tube...

...create a powerful synergy that produces an extraordinarily dynamic, vivid and lifelike midrange. A super tweeter that is no longer produced but were employed in pro audio years ago, covers the high frequencies and complements the overall sonic structure. As you can see, it is a three-way construction, with a passive crossover, based on the best available components that have been appropriately selected, measured and assembled into one powerful, cohesive unit.

Each set of speakers... hand-crafted and tailored to suit the customers’ needs and visual preferences following a one-on-one consultation.

We invite you to join our adventure and we hope that all you are left with is... listening to the music...

Just like us.  

With respect,

Destination Audio